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The Practice

The Ray Legal Consulting Group, PLC is one of the premiere emerging discrimination and civil rights, as well as mediation, general litigation and appellate, practices.  Protecting the fundamental constitutional, federal and state rights of individuals against violations by private business or state and local government is the leading concern of the group and its efforts in federal and state courts.  Seasoned Harvard Law School and Harvard Law Review lawyer John H. Ray, III is the principal of the group, and has a long history of fighting for the rights of disadvantaged groups.  Review his full curriculum vitiate under the Attorneys section.

Ray started the Ray Legal Consulting Group in 2009, after close to 10 years of large law firm litigation and appellate practice, leading teams of lawyers in some of the nation’s largest complex litigation cases in federal and state courts.

The Ray Legal Consulting Group primarily prosecutes and defends discrimination and civil rights cases that have a significant impact on the rights of women, racial minorities and other groups.  Through “impact litigation,” the firm is committed to the protection of the rights of underrepresented groups in business, challenging the discriminatory practices of employers that have perpetuated that underrepresentation and marginalized women and racial minorities in corporate America.

In addition, the firm handles a wide range of complex, general and commercial, and appellate litigation.  Review the expertise of the firm under the Practice Areas section.

The Ray Legal Consulting Group also provides expert consulting and mediation services to businesses and parties, for training and alternative dispute resolution solutions.  Review legal publications on leading issues in discrimination, civil rights and other practice areas, written by principal John H. Ray, III in the Law Journal section.

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